Processing for Android: Create Mobile, Sensor-Aware, and VR Applications Using Processing

Processing for Android: Create Mobile, Sensor-Aware, and VR Applications Using Processing
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Processing for Android

Book Description

Learn how to use the Processing programming language and environment to create Android applications with ease. This book covers the basics of the Processing language, allowing users to effectively program interactive graphics in 2D and 3D. It  also details the application of these techniques to different types of Android devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables and smartwatches). 

Processing for Android walks you through the steps of taking an initial idea to a final app. With this book, you will be able to write engaging apps with interactive visuals driven by motion and location information obtained from the device’s sensors; including health data from the wearer, like step count and heart rate. 

An advantage of Processing for Android over more complex programming environments is the ability for users to focus on the interactions and visual output of their code rather than in the implementation details of the Android platform. This book goes through a comprehensive series of hand-on projects, ranging from simple sketches to more complex projects involving sensors and integration with larger apps. It also covers important aspects such as exporting your Processing projects as signed apps are ready to upload to the Google Play store and be share with the world!

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Android Mode
  • Chapter 2: The Processing Language
  • Chapter 3: From Sketch to Play Store
  • Chapter 4: Drawing Graphics and Text
  • Chapter 5: Touchscreen Interaction
  • Chapter 6: Live Wallpapers
  • Chapter 7: Reading Sensor Data
  • Chapter 8: Driving Graphics and Sound with Sensor Data
  • Chapter 9: Geolocation
  • Chapter 10: Wearable Devices
  • Chapter 11: Visualizing Time
  • Chapter 12: Visualizing Physical Activity
  • Chapter 13: 3D in Processing
  • Chapter 14: VR Basics
  • Chapter 15: Drawing in VR

Book Details

Publisher: Apress
By: Andrés Colubri
Language: English
File size: 10.6 MB
File format: PDF

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