Learn Unity for 2D Game Development

Learn Unity for 2D Game Development
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Learn Unity for 2D Game Development

Book Description

2D games are everywhere, from mobile devices and websites to game consoles and PCs. Timeless and popular, 2D games represent a substantial segment of the games market.

In Learn Unity for 2D Game Development, targeted at both game development newcomers and established developers, experienced game developer Alan Thorn shows you how to use the powerful Unity engine to create fun and imaginative 2D games. 

Written in clear and accessible language, Learn Unity for 2D Game Development will show you how to set up a step-by-step 2D workflow in Unity, how to build and import textures, how to configure and work with cameras, how to establish pixel-perfect ratios, and all of this so you can put that infrastructure to work in a real, playable game. Then the final chapters show you how to put what you've already made to work in creating a card-matching game, plus you'll learn how to optimize your game for mobile devices.

Table of Contents (summary)
  • Chapter 1: Unity Basics for 2D Games
  • Chapter 2: Materials and Textures
  • Chapter 3: Quick 2D Workflow
  • Chapter 4: Customizing the Editor with Editor Classes
  • Chapter 5: Procedural Geometry and Textured Quads
  • Chapter 6: Generating Atlas Textures
  • Chapter 7: UVs and Animation
  • Chapter 8: Cameras and Pixel Perfection
  • Chapter 9: Input for 2D Games
  • Chapter 10: Getting Started with a 2D Game
  • Chapter 11: Completing the 2D Card Game
  • Chapter 12: Optimization
  • Chapter 13: Wrapping Things Up
  • Index

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Publisher: Apress
By: Alan Thorn
Language: English
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File format: PDF

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