Build Android-Based Smart Applications: Using Rules Engines, NLP and Automation Frameworks

Build Android-Based Smart Applications: Using Rules Engines, NLP and Automation Frameworks
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Build Android-Based Smart Applications

Book Description

Build smart applications using cutting-edge technologies such as rules engines, code automation frameworks, and natural language processing (NLP). This book provides step-by-step instructions on how to port nine rules engines (CLIPS, JRuleEngine, DTRules, Zilonis, TermWare, Roolie, OpenRules, JxBRE, and JEOPS) to the Android platform. You’ll learn how to use each rules engine to build a smart application with sample code snippets so that you can get started with programming smart applications immediately. Build Android-Based Smart Applications also describes porting issues with other popular rules engines (Drools, JLisa, Take, and Jess).

This book is a step-by-step guide on how to generate a working smart application from requirement specifications. It concludes by showing you how to generate a smart application from unstructured knowledge using the Stanford POS (Part of Speech) tagger NLP framework.

  • Chapter 1: Which Rules Engine Is Best for Building Smart Applications?
  • Chapter 2: Steps to Port Rules Engines
  • Chapter 3: Issues Faced While Porting Rules Engines
  • Chapter 4: Comparison of Rules Engines for Mobile Platforms
  • Chapter 5: Requirements and  Challenges Faced in  Knowledge Application Development
  • Chapter 6: Design and  Implementation of SmartAppGen
  • Chapter 7: Architecture of SmartAppGen
  •  Android Layout Corresponding to Knowledge
  • Chapter 9: AutoQuiz: Automatically Generate Quiz from Unstructured Knowledge
  • Chapter 10: iEmergency
  • Chapter 11: Assignments

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Publisher: Apress
By: Chinmoy Mukherjee
Language: English
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